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AstroBash XXVI is full!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Dear all,

Our AstroBash XXVI registration is full. Kindly note that all sign-ups will be placed on a waiting list until 22nd October.For further enquiries, contact Jia Wei at


PS: For participants, please proceed to fill up the NOK form if you have not done so here

AstroBash XXVI @ Avillion Port Dickson

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010


How big is the group going to Port Dickson?
We are expecting around 40 pax, its kind of a small group and just big enough to fully occupy a single coach.

When is the deadline for signing up?
There is no exact deadline, but once our quota of 40 pax is filled, we will stop accepting sign ups.
Link for signing up

Can I have a triple-sharing room instead of twin-sharing?
This is yet to be confirmed, there might be a possibility of grouping two odd groups together since as for now, all rooms booked are twin-sharing.

Can non-NUS students join us?
Yes they can.

When are we leaving/coming back?
Expect to leave Singapore early morning on the 13th December and return around 7 to 8pm at night on the 15th December. The trip to Port Dickson takes roughly 5 hrs.

What is the itinerary like?
During the day, it is basically free and easy. We recommend sharing a cab and heading to Port Dickson town to see the sights and enjoy the cheaper amenities there, or you can just head to the beach, or simply just laze around in your rooms.
As for the night, the society will set up an observation site (with an 8inch and 6inch telescope) at the beach and will be there till as late as possible. Meteor showers, if under clear conditions, tend to peak after midnight.  Participants are free to join us whenever they wish. (Though we will usually be there from 9pm to 3am++)

How are the administrative/payment details settled?
Everything is settled online. Once the participants are confirmed, we will be sending the necessary procedures to the email. Payment can be done through iBanking into our account, though cash payment is available via meeting in NUS.
Administrative details include Next-of-kin details, Indemnity form and Swimming Declaration forms and will be emailed shortly.
There will also a briefing on the last day of the exams, around 3rd or 4th December, though that is also optional. (slides and necessary info will be emailed)

AB XXVI: Port Dickson

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Hi everyone!

NUSAS will be organizing a 3D2N return trip to Avillion Port Dickson Resort during the holidays from 13th Dec to 15th Dec!

This overseas stargazing trip organised by NUSAS is available to all at a very affordable cheap price of $215! ($205 for members and ex-Astrobashers) This year, we will be watching the Gemini Meteor Shower during its peak, and along with the Winter Sky, the night sky will simply be spectacular!

Port Dickson is located along the west coast of Malaysia, around 60km away from Kuala Lumpur. Shielded by the peninsula from the Northeast Monsoon, Port Dickson will be one of the few locations with a high chance of clear skies during the wet season and is open all year round.

Limited Places only, be sure to check out this web page for more updates!
Register here right now or visit our booth along the Central Library walkway (Level 4) from 06 Oct to 08 Oct Wednesday to Friday.