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AstroBash 39th

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Dear Astronomers,

Sincere thanks to all who signed up for AstroBash 39. For the past few days in Melaka, it had been a blast for me and I truly hope that everyone of you enjoyed the clear skies as much as I did.

From the process of planning and execution, I realised that we are bound to face unexpected challenges regardless of our preparation. And critical steps should have been taken more quickly to react to any hiccups on the spot and remain collected. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding.

Astrobash is truly a good time for you and your friends to hang out and enjoy the night sky together. The experience of looking up into the night sky outside of the light polluted Singapore is fantastic. This is also the reason why we have Astrobash to allow more people to get the chance to experience and see the beautiful night sky.

Do look forward to the next AstroBash ! This time it is likely possible that you can see the milky way with your own naked eyes! You may visit or to check out for any updates on AstroBash in future!

Thank You,
Lim Shu Xin
NUS Astronomical Society 19th Executive Committee
Project Director (Astrobash)