Astro Bash XXXII!

October 16th, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Our ASTROBASH XXXII is coming up after the semester ends! It will be an exciting trip, so don’t miss it! :)
This time, we are going to Koh Yao Noi, Phuket (Thailand!)

The details are as follows:
Date: 12/12/2013 to 14/12/2013
Place : Koh Yao Noi, Phuket, Thailand
Early-bird Price (by 21st October) : $240 for members and ex-AstroBashers, $250 for non-members

It’ll be a trip that you won’t regret as there’ll be Geminids (Meteor Shower) and Comet ISON!
Do look forward to the amazing night sky! :)

Come on, what are you waiting for? Sign up today at (Do sign-up early to receive the early bird discount!)

AstroBash!! ABXXXI -> Bosscha Observatory

March 15th, 2013

Hello Astronomers!


Looking for a place to relax after the semester ends? Fret no more!  We have planned an exciting AB XXXI for you! This time, we are going to Bandung, Indonesia to visit Bosscha Observatory!


Here are the details:

Date: 16th-19th May 2013.

Place : Bandung, Indonesia

Price :

Early-bird (before 31st March)  : $240 for members and ex-Astrobashers, $250 for non-members

Regular                                : $270 for members and ex-Astrobashers, $280 for non-members



For more details, do join us at our booth in the Central Library Walkway today and Friday!

Sign-up early to receive the early bird discount! Also, you can add an additional $30 to add allowance for luggage to your air-ticket.


Currently, the plan is for us to fly by Tiger Airways flight to Jakarta and take a bus from there to Bandung. Any damage to telescopes or other fragile items carried with you will be at your own risk.


We will be purchasing travel insurance for all those traveling with us and we believe that it comprehensively covers our safety.


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today at

Get ready to be mesmerized by the sky at Bosscha Observatory!


Clear Skies,

NUS Astronomical Society

Registration for AB XXX is now OPEN!

October 16th, 2012

Note : Updated to reflect changes in Hotel

Hi Astronomy Enthusiasts!

A new semester means that we are going to a new place outs
ide Singapore to stargaze! Astrobash is back!
This time, NUSAS is opening registration for a 3D2N  trip to A’Famosa Resort Hotel in Melaka, Malaysia during the holidays from 14th December to 16th December 2012!

Melaka is listed as a historical city center. It is well-known for its heritage center and local Malay delicacies.
A’Famosa Resort Hotel is located approximately 30 km away from the Melaka city center which makes this resort a good place to stargaze.
We follow the free and easy style and provide chalet, two-way transport and travel insurance. We provide two types of chalet :
1. Standard room (4 pax/room)
Member / Ex-Astrobasher : S$160
Nonmember                      : S$170
2. Deluxe room (2 pax/room)
Member / Ex-Astrobasher : S$225

Nonmember                      : S$235

We will observe star clusters that are very difficult to be observed in Singapore. If the sky is good enough, we hope that we will be able to see the Geminids meteor shower.
To maximize your trip in Melaka, we are planning to go to the city center on the second day, 15th December 2012. However, the expenses are excluded from the Astrobash registration price.

Refund policy: We do not issue refunds once payment has been made. 
If you are interested, please register at Places are limited! Should you have any query, you may contact Veena at 81699862 or email to

Clear skies!
NUS Astronomical Society

AstroBash XXIX

March 20th, 2012

Hi, Astronomy Enthusiasts!

NUSAS opens registration to a 4D3N return trip to Desaru Lotus Beach Resort in Malaysia during the holidays from 10th May to 13th May, 2012!

We follow free-and-easy style and provide standard twin-sharing chalet, two-way transport and travel insurance (core benefits). The price is $228 ($218 for members and ex-Astrobashers)!

Desaru’s night sky is darker and clearer than that of Singapore, making it a popular destination for numerous local astronomy clubs. During the trip, we will be holding optional icebreaking games and stargazing workshop for newbies.

Enjoy your time at your leisure, chill out at the poolside bar, visit the fruit farm, or engage in a game of volleyball on the beach! This package includes a wristband ticket to the water park free of charge.

Refund policy: All payments are strictly non-refundable. If you are unable to go due to unforeseen circumstances, prior to 27 April 2012, and are able to find someone else to replace you, we would be happy to assist (an extra S$12.60 might be charged for travel insurance). For circumstances covered by the insurance plan, we will aid you in filing a claim.

If you are interested, please register at Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Should you have any query, you may contact He Miao at 97917019 or email to


Payment and Admin Matter

October 24th, 2011



We have finalized our list of participants and so the signup form is officially closed. We appreciate all of your support. So here comes the payment.

Please submit your payment and indemnity forms by next Thu(27th Oct) and here is some follow-ups.




Please make your payment for AstroBashXXVIII 2011 via iBanking, ATM transaction or cash by . The price is SGD$186 for members and ex-AstroBashers while it is SGD$196 for non-members.

If you are paying via iBanking:

Please make your payment to this account – DBS Savings 029-0-091396  (Marliyana Bte Amir) and sms your NAME, DATE, AMOUNT PAID and TRANSFER REFERENCE number to Marliyana after making payment.

If you are paying via ATM transaction:

After making payment, sms your NAME, DATE, AMOUNT PAID and TIME of transaction. If you are paying for your friends, please sms their details too so that we know they have paid.

For iBanking and ATM transaction, if you need a receipt, please SMS Marliyana as well.

If you are paying via cash payment:

We will be having Astro session at 7pm on 28th Oct in E4-04-05, Faculty of Engineering. NUSAS members can make payment before or after the session.


Indemnity forms

You can contact either He Miao or Zhong Wei to submit your indemnity forms.


For those who can’t make your way to NUS, you may opt to scan the signed indemnity form and swimming declaration form, drop us an email.




Group insurance will be purchased for all participants and it is already included in the payment. For more information please refer to this webpage:


Miscellaneous matter


You are reminded to check if VISA to Malaysia is required. If VISA is required, please approach personally the authorized travel agencies in Singapore to apply VISA. You may refer to this list for authorized agencies


For Singaporeans or PRs serving for National Service, you are reminded to apply for overseas notification.

AstroBash XXVIII is FULL

October 15th, 2011

The placement is taken up very fast. We have no more vacancy offered to people who are planning to join AstroBash. HOWEVER, the signup form is still accessible and people who sign up from now onwards will be on the waiting list. We will inform you the availability by Oct 29th. Thank you all for your support:D

Clear Skies,

NUS Astronomical Society

AB XXVIII at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson

October 5th, 2011


Hi everyone!

Due to last year’s highly positive feedback, NUSAS will be again organizing a 3D2N return trip to Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson, during the holidays from 10th Dec to 12th Dec, 2011!

This time round, our trip is offered at a more affordable price of $196 ($186 for members and ex-Astrobashers)! We will be observing a lunar eclipse, and along with Winter Sky and the Geminids meteor shower, the stargazing experience will be much more wonderful than what one could have gotten in Singapore.

Port Dickson is a popular holiday destination located in Peninsular Malaysia. It takes just over an hour by car to travel from Port Dickson to Kuala Lumpur along the North-South expressway. Shielded by the peninsula from the Northeast Monsoon, Port Dickson will be one of the few locations with a higher chance of clear skies during the wet season and is open all year round. Join us for mesmerizing night sky, fun activities on the beach, and shopping sprees at KL!

Register with us here right now (registration is on first-come-first-serve basis) – and be sure to check our AstroBash website at regularly for more updates! Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at, or He Miao at 97917019.

Thank you, and we hope to see you at Port Dickson this December!

Clear skies,

NUS Astronomical Society

Payment and adminstrative details

March 20th, 2011

Hi all,

This is Jia Wei from NUSAS AstroBash XXVII, once again,
thanks for signing up with AstroBash XXVII, we will now be confirming the slots
as well as payment for the trip. Please take some time to read through the post.

PS: For those wishing to withdraw, you can stop reading here
and let me know asap. Thanks!


Payment can be made via iBanking to the following account. The price is SGD
$230 for NUSAS members as well as Ex-Astrobashers. Non members have to pay SGD

DBS Savings 106-5-004953 Ang Shearn Shaun

When paying, please send an SMS stating your name (or people you are paying
for) along with the transfer reference number to 97429324 (Shaun’s Hp). For
those using an ATM machine, do send us the time at which you did the

For those wishing to make payment by cash, we will be
setting up a booth along CBLC Walkway
(outside Central Library, 4th Floor) on the Mon 21st and
Tues 22nd March from 10am to 6pm
. NUSAS members can make payment
on the Friday Session, 25th March.

Please make all payment by 25th March (Week 10).  Receipts can be collected if needed.

Do note that we cannot guarantee a full refund after payment
is made and will be settled in a case by case basis.

Adminstrative Details

As AstroBash XXVII is a student activity; we are
required to adhere to some safety regulations in order to receive the blessings
of NUS Office of Student’s Affairs.

1. Insurance will be purchased for all participants, more
information of the plan can be found here:
(Core Plan,Asia, 4 Days)

For this, we will be collecting an extra $10 from the
participants as stated above. Sorry for the late notification.


2. Next of Kin particulars
Kindly take sometime to fill up this Next-Of-Kin form. Do fill in this form
asap by 25th March. (You will need to refer to your passport for
this, sorry for not requesting this earlier)

Participants from the previous AstroBash trip at Port
Dickson can skip this step. (Do email me your passport date of issue though)


3. Indemnity forms and Swimming Declaration

The forms have been sent to your email. Please fill them up and submit
to us at our booth @ CBLC Walkway
(outside Central Library, 4th Floor) on the Mon 21st and
Tues 22nd March from 10am to 6pm)
. We have prepared a few forms
at the booth, those above 21 are free to come down and sign+submit on the spot.

For those that are unable to hand it to us personally, you can
either scan and email it to us or drop me an SMS at 96835650 to arrange a

Final details
For those that registered for AstroBash alone, we will be pairing you with
another participant as the rooms are twin-sharing. I will send out the rooming
arrangements once everything is finalized.

Alright, that’s all for now, so once again thanks for your
time, we hope to see you soon.

Jia Wei
NUS Astronomical Society

Frequently Asked Questions

March 9th, 2011


How big is the group going to Pulau Tioman?
We are expecting around 40 pax, its kind of a small group and just big enough to fully occupy a single coach.

When is the deadline for signing up?
There is no exact deadline, but once our quota of 40 pax is filled, we will stop accepting sign ups. We will update the website accordingly and inform any participants that are placed in a waiting list

Can I have a triple-sharing room instead of twin-sharing?
This is yet to be confirmed, there might be a possibility of grouping two odd groups together since as for now, all rooms booked are twin-sharing.

Can non-NUS students join us?
Yes they can.

When are we leaving/coming back?
Expect to leave Singapore early morning on the 10th May and return around 7-8pm at night on the 13th May. The trip to Pulau Tioman takes roughly 5-6 hours

What is the itinerary like?
During the day, it is basically free and easy. Taxi boats are the main way of getting around the island and there are plenty of outdoor/beach activities available in Tioman, snorkelling/scuba diving being one of the most popular.
As for the night, the society will set up an observation site (with an 8inch and 6inch telescope) at the beach and will be there till as late as possible.  Participants are free to join us whenever they wish. (Though we will usually be there from 9pm to 3am++)

How are the administrative/payment details settled?
Most of the stuff is settled online. Once the participants are confirmed, we will be sending the necessary procedures to the email. Payment can be done through iBanking into our account, though cash payment is available via meeting in NUS.
Administrative details include Next-of-kin details, Indemnity form and Swimming Declaration forms and will be emailed shortly. We will need to collect the forms and details before the trip.
There will also a briefing on the last day of the exams, around 6th May, though that is also optional. (slides and necessary info will be emailed)

When is the latest I can confirm my place and what is the refund policy?
We will be collecting payment during Week 10 and will not be able to guarantee a full refund after Week 11. Any withdrawal will be handled in a case by case basis. You can however, feel free to exchange/replace your slots with someone else.

Final notes?

As imposed by the NUS Office of Student Affairs, insurance must be purchased by all participants going for an overseas event. The insurance should cost around SGD$10 and details will be updated once confirmed.


March 3rd, 2011

Hi everyone!

NUS Astronomical Society is once again organising our biannual overseas stargazing trip. This time round, we are heading back to Pulau Tioman, a small island located off the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia.(takes roughly 4-5 hours to reach by road followed by a short ferry transfer)

The trip will be a 4D3N stay, priced at $220 for NUSAS members and ex-astrobashers and we will be staying at a newly set up resort, Tanoshi Resort Mukut (located at the very south of the island, near the twin peaks of the Dragon Horn)

Registration for NUS AstroBash XXVII is available here

We will also be setting up our booth alongside Central Library Walkway from Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th March so feel to approach us for any enquiries.