31st January 2018 Lunar Eclipse Observation Session

<Hi please note the change in venue to LT9, AS1>

Hi astronomers!

Have you heard of the phrase “once in a blue moon” to describe something rare? In that case, something rarer is going to come by!

The lunar eclipse on 31st January 2018 has been designated as a super blue blood moon lunar eclipse.

NUS Astronomical Society is pleased to share that we will be holding an observation session for the total lunar eclipse on Wednesday 31st January 2018. The session will begin 1930H at LT14, Block AS6.

Curious if it will be a ‘blue’ moon or ‘blood red’ moon? Do come down and confirm it with your very eyes!

Let us know if you are coming down: https://mysurvey.nus.edu.sg/EFM/se/54CCD14B5FB97BA7