President’s Foreword

Welcome to the NUS Astronomical Society!

For centuries, mankind has gazed at the heavens in wonder at the little points of light shining down in unabated splendour. Entering the age of discovery, these little points of light begin to come into focus, as telescopes pointed skywards and stared into the depths of the cosmos. Today, we know much more about the Universe than our ancestors did. The enthralling size and scale of the cosmos, the majestic swirls of distant galaxies, and insights into the evolution of stars and planetary systems gave us startling new perspectives into the most fundamental questions of our existence.

For amateurs today, the accessibility of telescopes and information allows us to begin our own journey of discovery. Looking through a modest telescope or a small pair of binoculars, the wonders of the night sky appear before your very eyes. Some of these objects are so far away, the light that you see ended a journey that began thousands or perhaps even millions of years ago.

At NUS Astronomical Society, we seek to share our passion of the Universe with you. Astronomy is a truly multidisciplinary field: it is deeply intertwined in the sciences, ranging from physics to biology, and also in our understanding of how the stars shaped human cultures over time. The artistry of the cosmos also excites our aesthetic imagination, as we feast our eyes on the natural beauty of celestial objects like nebulae and galaxies.

We also seek to further spread the appreciation of the night sky through our flagship events of Astrobash and AstroChallenge. Through Astrobash, NUS Astronomical Society organizes biannual overseas stargazing expeditions to dark sky sites where light pollution is minimal. At these locations, faint objects are now within reach of even the most modest of equipment. Looking upwards with the unaided eye, a whole new vision of starry vistas and the majestic arch of the Milky Way stand before you.

At AstroChallenge, we seek to reach Astronomy clubs and societies across the nation. As a collaborative event organised with NTU Astronomical Society, AstroChallenge is an annual competition catered to secondary schools, JCs and polytechnics. Through fun and exciting activities in both theoretical and practical astronomy, it is hoped that AstroChallenge would help to ignite and sustain the appreciation of the cosmos in the next generation of astronomers in Singapore.

Ivan Bok
19th NUSAS Executive Committee