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17th November 2017 Observation Session

Hi Astronomers!

This Friday’s Observation Session (17th November 2017) will be at the NUS Physics Observatory. We will be gathering at 7pm, at S15 Level 1 lift lobby, FoS (outside Centre of Quantum Technologies).

As mentioned before, the NUS Physics Observatory holds a 17”CDK (Corrected Dall-Kirkham) telescope and this is one of the rare times it will be open for viewing!

P.S. We’ve also prepared a talk on Nebulae with prizes to be won!

Look forward to seeing y’all there!

If you would like the latest updates on NUSAS activities, do join our telegram channel @ https://t.me/NUSASGroup

NUSAS NUSPS Joint Photography Session

Hi Astronomers! If you are keen to learn some photography skills why not come down to a joint photography learning session conducted by NUS Astronomical Society and by NUS Photography Society.
If you are curious about NUSPS, check them out at: www.fb.com/nusps

Details on the session are as follows:
11AM – 1PM
4PM – 7PM
More information is available on the attached poster.

Please be informed that both sessions are only open to members of either societies. If you are interested to join NUS Astronomical Society, feel free to contact us at nusastro@gmail.com.

Tired of missing our emails? No sweat! The 20th NUSAS Exco has created a telegram channel as another means to reach out to the astronomy society. We promise the channel will provide you with the latest information on all our sessions/astrobash/astrochallenge. Simply click this link: https://t.me/NUSASGroup and then click “join channel”.

In the near future, we envision using telegram as the main mode of disseminating the latest information on our sessions. However if email updates are more convenient for you please do let us know at nusastro@gmail.com.

41st Astrobash

Hi Astronomers!

NUS Astronomy Society is glad to announce our 41st Astrobash! We will be heading to Malacca to witness the Geminids meteor shower!

The trip will be happening from 12th December to 15th December 2017. Join us on this trip as we visit the Al-Khawarizmi Observatory and go on day tour in malacca city.

Prices are as follows:
$260 for NUSAS Member or past Astrobash participants
$280 for Non-Members
Sign up in groups of 4 to get $10 off each

Additionally, we are looking for a certified first aider to be part of the Subcommittee. An additional $20 discount will be given to you too!

Come join us and experience this excellent opportunity to learn about the night sky.

See you there!

If you have more queries with regards to the project, please feel free to email us at nusastrobash@gmail.com.

Mid-Autumn Moon-gazing 2017

Hi astronomers!

NUS Astronomical Society will be holding the Mid-Autumn Moon-gazing session on Friday 6th October 7.30pm @ the NUS school field.

We warmly welcome all for a session of good company, tasty mooncakes and astronomy. Participate in the quiz to win special prizes!

If you have any queries, do feel free to send us an email at nusas@gmail.com or leave us a message on our Facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing all!


Astrochallenge 2018 Quizmaster Recruitment

Hello Astronomers!

NUS Astronomical Society has begun planning for the next Astrochallenge to be held in June 2018.

We are currently on the look out for potential quizmasters who’d like to be part of this event and put their astronomy knowledge to good use.

Do refer to the poster attached below for more information.

If you are interested, please do drop us an email at nusastro@gmail.com .

Astrobash 41 Subcommittee Recruitment

Hello astronomers!

NUS Astronomical Society is looking for interested individuals to form the Astrobash 41 subcommittee.

This is a rare opportunity to be involved in the planning of a getaway from the light-polluted night skies of Singapore and create the opportunity for fellowastronomers to marvel at the magnificence of the stars above.

For the subcommittee, we are looking for interested, passionate and capable team players to take up the following roles in the subcommittee:
Astrobash Director
Events Head
Logistics Subcommittee
Do refer to the poster attached should you need more information!

Interested applicants please do contact us at nusastro@gmail.com.


Hi Everybody!

NUS Astronomy Society brings you good news. This upcoming summer, we will be heading to Bintan for our up and coming Astrobash 40.
As we managed to secure a cheaper vendor, the prices are revised as following.

$270 for NUSAS Member or past Astrobash participants
$290 for Non-Member
Sign up in groups of 3 to get $10 off each

The trip will be happening from 19 May to 22 May 2017. We will be staying at Bintan Sayang resort with all meals inclusive. We will introduce you to the wonders of the night skies. In addition, you’ll get to learn so much more about the night sky through our telescope handling and hands-on astrophotography sessions. Optional water sports such as banana boat rides, speed boating and snorkelling are also available at the resort!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!
Application link:

If you have more queries with regards to the project, please feel free to email us at nusastrobash@gmail.com.