Apply now for the 24th NUSAS Exco!

Join the 24th NUSAS Exco today!

Hi Astronomers! Applications for NUSAS’ 24th Exco is now open! If you are interested in astronomy and would like to contribute to a chill and welcoming community, do join us as an Exco member! Incoming Year 1s are welcome too!

Do check out the Exco structure pdf below for more info on the roles available.

The application form closes on 27th August 2021. Link to form:

The Society’s Constitution can also be found here:

23rd NUSAS Exco candidates

The finalised list of candidates for the 23rd NUS Astronomical Society executive committee is as follows:

Tham Kai Wen

Vice-President (Engagement)
Grace Huang Wei

Vice-President (Events)
Neo Wen Hong, Ted
Teo Ziyi Ivy

AstroBash Project Director
Li Yi An
Ng Yiu Teng

AstroChallenge Head Question Master
Bharath Shankar
Nicholas Phung-Zhang

Astronomy Head
Chen Wei Zhong

Logistics Director
Nicholas Tan Ming Hwee

Publicity Director
Cheung Jun Yan Julian

Assistant Publicity Director
Lim Shu Hui Michelle

See Meng Chun Jesper

Assistant Secretary
Kaung Htet

Xu ZhiRong

Find out more about your exco candidates πŸ—£ and vote πŸ—³ for them at the AGM this Friday, 4 Sep!

Annual General Meeting 2020

Next Friday (4 Sep) at 7:30pm, NUS Astronomical Society is having its Annual General Meeting. Meet and elect your incoming 23rd Executive Committee members! They will lead NUSAS over the academic year 2020/2021 so make your voice count through your vote πŸ—³

A list of candidates for each position will be released later this week after exco applications close on 30 Aug. If you are passionate for Astronomy and want to contribute to the Astronomy community, becoming part of the exco will be a great opportunity for you to grow as a person. Applications close in three (3) days! 

Note: The AGM is only for members of NUSAS, not including associate members.

πŸŒ– Exco application form

πŸŒ– Annual General Meeting Zoom link

Meeting ID: 563 493 4442

Password: 212579

Sign up for our week 3 PHYSICAL session

The confirmed dates and venues for our week 3 physical session are 

Zone A: Thursday (27 Aug), 7:30pm at Engineering bridge

Zone B: Thursday (27 Aug), 7:30pm at Science field

Zone C: Tuesday (25 Aug), 7:30pm at the area outside CLB

Join us for an entrancing night of astronomy πŸͺπŸŒ›

There is a limited capacity and places are first come first serve. Sign up here.

Poll: Availability for physical session in week 3

Thank you for joining our e-welcome tea yesterday night!!! Next up is our PHYSICAL session in week 3! We’re bringing our telescopes out and if the weather allows, we have a fascinating night of stargazing ahead of us πŸŒ™βœ¨

Fill in this poll to indicate your availability and interest for the physical session next week. A separate form will be sent out for signing up for the session after a date is chosen.