4th Society Meeting

Dear all,
After learning how to navigate the sky, lets take a trip to the Moon and learn about this natural satellite of ours and how it affects our life on Earth. If the weather is good, there will be a observation session for you to put those skills you learned during the lecture last week to good use. Do stay after the observation session as Meng Lee will be coming at 9pm to give a demonstration on astrophotography. This is a rare chance for you to find out more about the art of capturing those beautiful images you see on astronomy websites.
The details of the meeting are as follows:
Venue: S16-0430
Date : 19th October 2007
Time : 7 pm
* The Moon: Everything you wanted to know under the Sun
* Stargazing (depends on weather)
* Meng Lee will be giving a demonstration on astrophotography at 9pm, at Science rooftop (if you are coming late and cannot find the place, give me a call)
Do remember to bring your membership cards to get them stamped. For those of you who have friends who wants to join our society, please remind them to bring $20 for the membership fee. If some of you can’t find the venue, you can call me at 81278581
We hope to see all of you there. Thank you.
For those who are still have tests coming up, All the best for the upcoming tests!!!

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