5th Society Meeting

Dear all,

This will be the last meeting for this Semester and since most of you have just cleared you mid-terms and assignment datelines, we will keep the mood light and screen a video titled : Destiny in Space. No lectures this time !!! So do come down with drinks and snacks ready !!! After that if the weather is good we would have our observation session. This time we might be able to see Comet Holmes in constellation Perseus


The details of the meeting are as follows:

Venue: S16-0430

Date : 2nd November 2007

Time : 7 pm



* Video Screening: Destiny in Space

* Stargazing (depends on weather)

* Comet Holmes (depends on weather)


Do remember to bring your membership cards to get them stamped. For those of you who have friends who wants to join our society, please remind them to bring $20 for the membership fee .

If some of you can’t find the venue, you can call me at 81278581

We hope to see all of you there.

Thank you.

Good Luck and All the Best for the upcoming exams 🙂



Tze Siong

Hon. Gen Secretary


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