9th Society Meeting

Hi all,
This week, we are going to have a few of our fellow members from the Research SubCommittee to present some of their ideas in astronomy. Previously, this week’s meeting is supposed to be held at NUS High School Observatory. Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch with their telescope. Hence we are changing the venue of the meeting to S16-0430 (the usual venue) and we would still be having a stargazing session if the skies are good. So do come down and show the Research SubCommittee your support !
The details of the meeting are as follow:
Venue: S16-0430
Date : 14 March 2008
Time : 7 pm
* Presentations from the Research Subcommittee
* Stargazing (depends on weather)
Do remember to bring your membership cards to get them stamped. For those of you who have friends who wants to join our society, please remind them to bring $20 for the membership fee. If some of you can’t find the venue, you can call me at 81278581. We hope to see all of you there. Thank you.


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