VIsit to NUS High School Observatory

The trip to NUS High School Observatory on the 16th of January was fun-filled and enjoyable. Obviously, the ‘star’ of the night was the observatory, which the participants get to learn more about in terms of its operations and functions, thanks to the extremely helpful guides from NUS High.
Other than that, there was also a short introduction to some of the constellations in the sky, especially for members who are not well versed with the night sky. After that, the members, committee and some of the NUS High School students interacted by playing a ‘Word Game’, which is really much more fun than its name would ever suggest.
Overall, the visit was a great success. In fact, the turnout was surprisingly good, and we hope that future events organized by NUSAS will be as successful! =D
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Five Years of Achievements for Mars Rovers

The Mars rover Spirit had performed beyond expectations by surviving almost 20 longer than its predicted lifespan of 3 months. By now, the rover had been operating on the surface of the Red Planet for five years. Sharing Spirit’s indomitable spirit (bad pun intended) is Opportunity, which, on 24 January, will reach the five year milestone as well.
For the opportunity (again, bad pun intended) to find out more on the pair’s achievements, please drop by

Summary of Events: Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!
We’re back, and what a better way to start the new year than with a summary of what is to come for the year 2009?! One can expect to see ‘The Eclipse of the Century’, occultations and many more!
With this being the first post of the year 2009, we shall keep it short and let you have a look for yourself what is to come instead, at!
All the best for the year 2009!