9th Society Meeting


For the 9th society meeting all NUSAS members will be embarking on a secret project – Galactica – The SETI Project. Our mission is to analyse the mystifying galaxies and the universe. Sounds exciting? Please come and join us for our final NUSAS session of the semester! 

Date: 3rd April 2009

Venue: S16-0433

Highlights: Discovering and analysing galaxies and the universe + stargazing if the weather permits

Overnight Ob Session at ECP

The overnight ob session held at East Coast Park on the 21st of March had just ended, and while we were sad that the thick cloud cover hindered us from seeing any astronomical objects, it was fun!

In the evening, laughter filled the atmosphere as almost everyone got together for a game of frisbee. Later, we settled down for card games, which took up a considerable portion of our time and attention (to the point that dinner was momentarily forgotten =P )… Anyway, as the clouds did not show any sign of retreating, we entertained ourselves with board games for the most of the night, and before we knew it, it was already dawn! =(

Still, we had a great time, and we thank those who came for their support, as well as for being such a great sport! =D

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Telescope Training Session

(Written by Swati Jain)
It was the day to test us – the “log heads” >.<. The long awaited telescope session was finally here! As we all know, our sessions are incomplete without the telescope. Usually denied the “star status” it was the day to award it and let our members know more about it Details about basic features of the telescope, the way to set up the scope, alignment and many other features were taught to the members. The members really had a “hands on training” session where they got to try the alignment of the scope as well! All the members were successful! 
During this time, our president didn’t spare us (the logistics heads) too! We too were questioned, and in the process we got to know a lot of things along with the other members that we were initially unaware of. On the whole, it was a fun-filled, informative session. Since the skies were cloudy, we ended up having a fun, gossip filled session to end the session instead… =P 
The photos below depict some of the ‘action’ that took place during the session… =P In order, Swati, Steve and Ching Ting, at the telescope…
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Discovery Launch Postponed… Again

The launch of the space shuttle Discovery faced another postponement, thanks to a gas leak that occurred during the fueling process. NASA hopes that the launch can take place by Sunday, 15th March 2009, and things look optimistic for them. Due to this delay, the shuttle will spend 13 days in orbit instead of the initial plan of 14 days. 
For more details on the delay, drop by here

Chinese New Year Celebration 2009

The Chinese New Year celebration had come and go, and it’s time for the pictures! Alright, this is way past the event itself, but really, all we care is the photos, right? Right?
NUSAS celebrated the Lunar New Year 2009 at Engineering Bridge, on the 6th of February. There was yusheng, which was more or less the star of the celebration, as well as other Chinese New Year snacks. 
Everything was in a very informal setting, including the very short presentation by the research subcommittee on Chinese horoscopes. There were games as well, one of which includes the materials presented earlier, and the event ended with members playing board games… =)
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East Coast Park Overnight Trip

We will be having an overnight observation trip to East Coast Park on 21st March! Immerse yourself into a night of beautiful skies coupled with the relaxing cool sea breeze. Other than stargazing, there will also be lots of fun activities like cycling, skating and board games! Here are more details,
Date: 21st March 2009
Time/meeting place: 3pm at NUS YIH subway (you can meet us directly at ECP)
Highlights: ** Stargazing
** Board Games
Midnight snacks will be provided

8th Society Meeting (13/03/09)

By popular demand, for our next society meeting, all members will get a guided hands-on telescope training! Yup, that’s right! For this week it is going to be a purely PRACTICAL session without any LECTURES! Here are more details (pls refer to attached poster as well).
Date: 13th March 2009 (Fri)
Time: 7pm
Location: Meet at Subway, YIH