Telescope Training Session

(Written by Swati Jain)
It was the day to test us – the “log heads” >.<. The long awaited telescope session was finally here! As we all know, our sessions are incomplete without the telescope. Usually denied the “star status” it was the day to award it and let our members know more about it Details about basic features of the telescope, the way to set up the scope, alignment and many other features were taught to the members. The members really had a “hands on training” session where they got to try the alignment of the scope as well! All the members were successful! 
During this time, our president didn’t spare us (the logistics heads) too! We too were questioned, and in the process we got to know a lot of things along with the other members that we were initially unaware of. On the whole, it was a fun-filled, informative session. Since the skies were cloudy, we ended up having a fun, gossip filled session to end the session instead… =P 
The photos below depict some of the ‘action’ that took place during the session… =P In order, Swati, Steve and Ching Ting, at the telescope…
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