Welcome Tea + AGM

Welcome back to the new semester! We will be holding our welcome tea on 14th August. 7-9pm at LT28. We will be having an ob session after the welcome tea for you to catch a glimpse of the beautiful night skies at NUS! Of course there will be many activities and games for everyone to have fun and to get to know each other better!


The AGM will be held on 28th August, 6-9pm at YIH. Remember to mark your calendars for this annual event, especially if you’re interested in joining the committee!



Prof Strom’s Talk – Radio Astronomy: History of a Serendipitous Science


Professor Strom a visiting professor from the Netherlands to NUS department of Physics radio has kindly accepted NUSAS invitation to give a talk on his area of specialisation – radio astronomy. The topic of the talk is Radio Astronomy: History of a Serendipitous Science. It will be held on 12th August 2009, 7-9pm at S16-04-30.

Professor Strom is one of the esteemed judges of Astrochallenge 2009 and guest professor for special semester module Understanding the Universe. Professor Strom will be sharing with us his interesting research findings on the topic. If you’re worried about the content being too difficult to understand and digest, fret not, ‘cos Prof Strom has assured us that the content will be suitable for everyone!

Do not pass on this good opportunity to learn more about radio astronomy! Email nusastro@gmail.com to confirm your attendance!

Matriculation Fair 2009

The new semester is about to start in a couple of weeks! If you’re a senior, I hope you enjoyed your vacation break! If you’re a freshie, I hope you’re looking forward to join us! If you’re unsure of what we do at NUSAS, here’s a nutshell of the activities that we hold throughout the year,

Society Meetings

Festivity Celebrations




To find out more about these activities, click on the “about us” link!

You can also find out more about NUSAS by dropping by our booth (7B) on 24th, 27th-28th July at MPSH 2! What’s more! Get a beautiful specially handmade NUSAS keychain and our annual publication Etoile by simply signing up at our booth! We hope to see you there!

ECP stargazing session!

Fun, talk and laughter made the ECP stargazing (18th July) especially memorable, even though the night skies didn’t turn out the way we wished it would be. However the beautiful sunrise took our breath away, yes, it was absolutely stunning!


Here’s a glimpse of the sun peaking through the horizon…



We had the normal dose of beach activities such as cycling…

Chatting and relaxing…


People watch…

Camwhoring 😀

 The “not very clear” night skies!

In short, we had a blast even though we were a tad disappointed with the night skies!

AstroChallenge 2009

AstroChallenge 2009 ( 12th, 13th, 15th June) was a huge success! The organising committee enjoyed the entire process of organising this nation-wide Astronomy competition for the 7th year running. We hope the participants enjoyed themselves as well and have developed a stronger interest in Astronomy! See you next year at AstroChallenge 2010! 






For more pictures, visit http://www.nusas.org/acwp/

Matriculation Fair 2009 + ECP Overnight Stargazing Session

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since you last heard from us! I hope everyone is enjoying the vacation break 🙂 There are two upcoming events – Matriculation Fair 2009 and ECP Overnight Stargazing trip. Here are more details,


1) Request for helpers at Matriculation Fair 2009
Matric Fair happens this year on 24th, and 27-29th July 2009. We have a booth at the CCA fair, and we need helpers to man the booth. CCA points will be given for next year. Send your name and matric number to us by 3rd July, telling us which days and what time you can help out at.

2) ECP Overnight Stargazing again!
ECP Overnight Stargazing will be on 18th July 2009, Saturday. We will be meeting at 3pm, play some games, then have overnight stargazing till Sunday morning. Send us an email by 3 July if you would like to join!


Remember to email us at nusas@gmail.com by 3rd July if you’re interested in joining us in the above two events!