Matriculation Fair 2009 + ECP Overnight Stargazing Session

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since you last heard from us! I hope everyone is enjoying the vacation break πŸ™‚ There are two upcoming events – Matriculation Fair 2009 and ECP Overnight Stargazing trip. Here are more details,


1) Request for helpers at Matriculation Fair 2009
Matric Fair happens this year on 24th, and 27-29th July 2009. We have a booth at the CCA fair, and we need helpers to man the booth. CCA points will be given for next year. Send your name and matric number to us by 3rd July, telling us which days and what time you can help out at.

2) ECP Overnight Stargazing again!
ECP Overnight Stargazing will be on 18th July 2009, Saturday. We will be meeting at 3pm, play some games, then have overnight stargazing till Sunday morning. Send us an email by 3 July if you would like to join!


Remember to email us at by 3rd July if you’re interested in joining us in the above two events!

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