Annual General Meeting

As usual, at the start of each academic year, NUSAS will be holding its AGM to witness the election of the next batch of people running for the executive committee. The AGM is held on Friday 28th August 2009, 6-9pm at YIH Student Society Room, Function Room 2. We are looking for potential members for the 12th NUSAS Executive Committee. The positions open are:

1) President
2) Vice President
3) Treasurer
4) Secretary
5) Assistant Treasurer
6) Assistant Secretary
7) Research Head
8) Logistic Head x 2
9) Subcommittee Director (Marketing & Publicity)

Please click here to find out more about the roles and responsibilities of each position. If you are interested to run for any of the above positions, please write in to with your

1) Name
2) Matriculation number
3) Course of study / Year
4) Position that you are interested in
5) Relevant experience if any.

Please reply to by 24th August 2009. We will then arrange a suitable day (25th or 26th Aug) and time to meet up for you to find out more about the position and for us to find out more about you.We hope to see your application soon!

Lord Martin Rees’ Public Lectures (Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitors Programme)

A short introduction of Lord Martin Rees, Martin Rees is Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics and Master of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge. He holds the honorary title of Astronomer Royal and also Visiting Professor at Imperial College London and at Leicester University.


Martin Rees will be holding two public lectures, Our Universe, And The Role of Life In It and The World in 2050. The former (Our Universe, And The Role of Life In It) will be held on 24th August 2009 (Mon), 6pm-7.30pm at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Auditorium Level 2. The latter (The World in 2050) will be held on 27th August 2009 (Thurs), 4-5.30pm at NTU Lecture Theatre 2A. Please refer click here for more details.


Admission is free! If you’re interested in attending, please proceed to to register.