ECP overnight stargazing change in location


Dear all,

Sorry for the sudden change of plans, but due to turnout rate and logistical issues, the overnight stargazing at East Coast Park will now be held in NUS, Kent Ridge Road, at the satellite station near King’s Edwards VII hall.

We will be gathering at 7pm at the PGP/KEVII terminal for A1 A2 buses.

Map here

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.


NUSAS ECP Overnight Stargazing Trip

Hi People,

NUS Astronomical Society is going to hold going to have the  ECP stargazing next week on 27th (Saturday).

Here are the details of our activity :

  • Schedule:  27th March Saturday 4pm to Sunday 7am (first bus timing)
  • Location: East Coast Park Area D, near Car Park D2, across Victoria Junior College
  • Buses available: 13, 16, 31, 36, 43, 48, 55, 76, 135, 196, 196e, 197 (Alight at Victoria Junior College)
  • Activities: Cycling, stargazing, simple barbecue, card/board games

We also provide the map of the observation territory:

Interested applicants can sign up here:

or reply to the email.

Please make RSVP by no longer than Monday, 22nd March 2010.

For further details, contact Jia Wei or Yuan Ye.

Thank you for your attention,


NUS Astronomical Society

Session 7 on Life in the Universe


Hi People,

Hope school goes well =)
After quite a long period, NUS Astronomical Society’s regular session is back!

Here are the details of the 7th session on this Friday:
Venue                 : S16-04-30
Time                   : 7pm
Activity               : Short Astronomy Lecture and stargazing 🙂
Lecture Topic      : Life in the universe

We are looking forward to meeting you on Friday 🙂



NUS Astronomical Society


Session 7


Astrobash XXV – don’t miss it!

Hi People,
NUS Astronomical Society proudly presents the 25th Astrobash!!
In the 25th Astrobash, we are going to Pulau Tioman, Malaysia – 4 days 3 nights trip at affordable price!
Moreover, NUS Astronomical Society is going to have a publication booth in front of the central library.
Here is the details of our publicity:
Venue              : In front of Central Library
Day/Date          : Tuesday – Thursday/ 9 – 11th March 2010
Activity             : Astrobash Publication as well as signing up for Astrobash
Thus, don’t forget to visit us there and sign up as soon as possible! We are looking forward to seeing you 🙂
Or you can directly visit our website for AstroBash here for more information and registeration. 
NUS Astronomical Society
Astrobash XXV


As if 24 hrs a day wasn’t long enough

Sorry for the hiatus, it appears that our days have became shorter.

Chile earthquake slows Earth rotation.


On more recent news, it appears that scientists has finally found out what killed the dinosaurs exactly. So don’t worry, you do not need to retell the stories to your kids, it was asteroid after all.

Not surprisingly, the evidence is claimed to be “rock solid” with 75% of the dinosaurs wiped out and practically an absence of life following the impact. The impact kicked up dust clouds that blotted the Sun and snuffed out the photosynthesis food chain. (Like the Matrix movie really.) It took nearly ten years before sunlight penetration returned to normal, and by that time, all but the smallest creatures have been wiped out. 

NUS Astronomical Society NUS High Observatory Trip

Hi people,
Hope you are doing well in your midterms 🙂
Let’s cheer up because NUS Astronomical Society is going to have its annual Trip to NUS High Observatory that is not to be missed! Open to all NUS Students (=
Here are the details :

Event                       : NUS High Observatory Trip
Day / Date               : Friday / 5th March 2010
Venue                     : NUS High Observatory — Gather at S16 Foyer first
Admission               : Free
Time                       : 6.45 pm sharp
Hope to see all of you there 🙂

NUS Astronomical Society
 NUS High Trip