Matric Fair

Do register with us during the NUS Matriculation Fair at Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 2!

Either way, you can register at

The booth will be open on all 4 days of matriculation and do approach our exco-members if you have any queries.

More details as follow:

Note: Registration does not qualify you as a member, though you will receive at most 3 emails reminding you of our events stated in the flyer. 


Happy Matriculation!


Interested in running for Exco? Do read further:



What is expected of an Exco?

Compared to other societies and clubs, our commitments and workload may seem light, but this applies mainly to only the semester period. In NUSAS, we recognize that the society is responsible for the academic obligations of the exco-members. Semester activity is kept light and the activities stop up to 2 weeks before the reading/preparatory week commences. However, NUSAS’s main activities are held during the holidays, 1 overseas stargazing trip per semester holiday and a competition for JC and secondary schools during the first or second week of June. These activities definitely require a certain amount of commitment and passion from the exco-members.

If you are comfortable with such a CCA schedule that gives ample time and space for your studies during semester period, do consider running for exco in NUSAS.


What kind of Exco-positions can I run for?

If you have been exploring the website, you would have noted that other than the President and 2 Vice-President posts, there are 8 other posts available for running.Our exco is roughly divided into two categories.

Firstly the administrative side :

Secretary, Asst Secretary: In charge of handling emails, booking of venues, taking minutes, membership allocations, distribution of info

Treasurer, Asst Treasurer: Regulates club funds, general accounting, IRAS form, collecting of payment from members.

Secondly, the respective heads:

Research Head: A general knowledge of astronomy facts and theory, be able to conduct presentations, write booklets, familiar with stargazing

Logistic Head*2:  Past experience in handling a telescope, familiar with stargazing, general knowledge of astronomy and facts is useful too

Publicity Head: Creative and artistic, able to use photoshop or familiar with web design. Usually tasked to design posters and banners.


So technically the administrative side is just like any other CCA?

Yes and no. As an exco member of NUSAS, you will eventually pick up stargazing tips as well as to learn how to handle a telescope. There will be sessions/meetings for excos only to allow sufficient time and practice for observation. Also, astronomy based modules in NUS usually have a stargazing component that requires manpower and equipment from NUSAS, we do hope that by 1 semester, all exco members will be considered qualified to help out in this aspect. You will be compensated for the time spent according to the standard TA’s rate, courtesy of NUS of course.


Can I run for a sub-comm instead?

Although traditionally sub-comm positions are available for the research and logistic heads, we would like to offer an alternative instead. This year, NUSAS will be chairing the AstroChallenge competition with NTUAS. The AC comm for short, is in fact open to all members regardless of whether they are in the exco. Although all exco-members must be part of the AC comm, more manpower is needed in terms of logistics as well as quizmasters. Coupled with the fact that NTUAS will be delayed due to YOG commitments, much of the workload will be on NUSAS this time round as well.