Brightest Jupiter in 50 years

Hey fellow astronomers, have you noticed something strange in the sky these days? Did you see a “star” which outdazzled all its peers, shining around the zenith at midnight? Yes! That is the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. On a normal night, when Jupiter rises above the horizon, you should be able to immediately differentiate it from other real stars because of its brightness and colour. But this month, Jupiter is reaching perihelion, which means it will be closest to the sun in its orbit. This time, Jupiter will be on the opposite side of earth with respect to the sun, which means observers will have virtually the entire night to closely appreciate this giant. The estimated magnitude of Jupiter at perihelion is -2.9 and it will be at its brightest in 50 years, so don’t miss this once in 50-years opportunity to check it out! 

By the way, Happy Mid-autumn Festival to all fellow astronomers! 

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