NUSAS ECP Stargazing Session


NUSAS will be organising an overnight star-gazing trip to East Coast Park on Friday, 28 Jan (Week 3), in lieu of our normal session. East Coast Park is one of the better places in Singapore with dark Southern skies, so we are expecting one night long of celestial objects usually unobservable from NUS (if weather permits.)

We will be providing transport from NUS to East Coast Park if there are many people attending. Details on pick-up point and time would be announced at a later date

PS: To members who signed up, please gather at YIH in front of Student Service Centre at 7:15PM sharp. 

Members who did not sign up are welcome to join us as well, though priority will be given to those who did. Please call Anne at 9635-6064 to check for availability of seats, or if in need of directions.
Lastly, do note that there will be no return bus on Saturday morning from ECP.

e. A map of the observation site (located at the stretch near Siglap canal and VJC, between carpark C4 & D1) is attached for your reference, together with relevant details on bus services.

In the mean time, if you are interested, do sign up at by 21 Jan, 23:59 latest to facilitate the planning process. In addition, please look out for further announcements on this website and a confirmation email for those who have registered.

We look forward to seeing you at our first overnight excursion of Semester 2!



For those who missed our announcement during the session, feel free to take down our schedule for this semester:

Week 3, 28th Jan: East Coast Park

Week 5, 11 Feb: Chinese New Year Celebrations

Week 8, 11 Mar:  Regular Session

Week 10, 25 Mar: Science Center Trip

Week 11, 1 Apr: Last Session  


Weighing the Black Hole

Recently, astronomers from the University of Texas Austin successfully measured the known heaviest black hole in space. At the centre of the galaxy M87, there exists a massive black hole measured at 6.6 billion solar masses. Scientists used a large-diameter telescope combined with a smaller one to collected data from thousands of dim stars and formed images that clearly depicts the influence the black hole exerts on its surrounding region. For now, there is still no direct evidence of the existence of black hole (no one has actually seen one). But scientists believe that soon, the event horizon of black hole will be detected in the future.




The Fifth Session

Dear Members,

Welcome back!
This Friday, NUS Astronomical Society sincerely invites you to our first session of the semester. Our Research Head, Mr. Soh Rong’en, has prepared for you a very exciting talk on the famous Big Bang Theory. (You are advised to have watched seasons 1-3 first.)
We will also be announcing our upcoming activities for this semeste.
Details of the session are:

Date:    Friday, 14th January, 2011
Time:   7:00pm
Venue: E5 03-21 (near the Engin Bridge, refer to the map attached)
Topic:  The Big Bang Theory
We look forward to seeing you there in our first get-together of the semester!
Best regards,
NUS Astronomical Society
session 4