Astro Session Week 9

Hi guys!


There will be an Astro session this Friday, 14/10/11 at 7 PM. It will be at the Faculty Of Engineering at E4-04-05. After that we will be conducting star gazing from the Engin Bridge!!


There is a map attached in case you don’t know your way there.


See ya there!!


Also, the NUS Astronomical Society will be recruiting sub-committee members for AstroChallenge 2012 (an annual competition for JC and Secondary School students; more information here) and AstroBash XXVIII (overseas stargazing trip in December 2011). The positions available and their respective job scopes are as follows:


• Quizmaster (AC2012): Setting questions for the competition. Please include your grade for GEK1520 in your application. If you have not taken the module, either take a short MCQ test this Friday, or bring along a few sample questions. Past papers can be found here.


• Organizing Committee Member (AC2012): You may be placed under Publicity & Publication, Business, or Logistics, and are expected to commit from this point throughout term-time, December holidays, and up to the competition itself in June.


• Team Leader (AB XXVIII):


Sub-committee members may be recommended for campus accommodation under the new Residence Admission Scheme (Category D) depending on their contribution, subject to evaluation by the current Executive Committee members, and a cap of 10 places per Society. If you are interested, please register by this Friday’s session here. A brief interview will be conducted in case of overwhelming response.


14th Management Committee


NUS Astronomical Society

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