Week 10 : Session 8

Dear Astro enthusiasts!

It has been quite a while, and we have now reached our last session of the semester! For this session, we will be doing something different – Instead of our usual lecture, we will be having an exciting quiz covering talks from our previous sessions, and other fun trivia! What’s more, attractive prizes await! There will also be a stargazing session after the quiz if the weather allows 🙂 This will be our last stargazing session of the semester, so do come down to refresh some astronomical knowledge, win some prizes and not forgetting, to stargaze 😀

Our session will be held at E3 06-12, at 7.00pm. Feel free to bring your friends along to win and enjoy the prizes together! We look forward to seeing you all at the last session of this semester!

Clear skies,

NUS Astronomical Society

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