Matriculation Fair 2012!

Hello Astronomers!
We will be starting a new academic year and will be recruiting freshies to our club. For this purpose, we will be having a booth at the Matriculation Fair from the 24th of July to the 27th of July, at MPSH2.
Following this, we will be inviting our members to our Welcome Tea on the 24th of August. Here we will be introducing NUSAS to our new members. Details of this event will be posted later at this website.
Please sign up at if you are interested (do note that signing up here does not qualify you as a member, though you will receive at most 3 emails from us about our events stated in the flyer).
Interested in running for Excos? Do read further!
What Exco-positions can I run for?
If you have been exploring our website, you would have noted that other than the President and 2 Vice-president posts, there are 8 other posts available for running. Our exco is roughly divided into 2 categories:
The administrative side:
  • Secretary, Asst Secretary: in charge of handling emails, booking venues, taking meeting minutes, membership allocations, distribution of information, etc.
  • Treasurer, Asst Treasurer: in charge of regulating club funds, general accounting, filing IRAS tax returns and ROS accounting documents, collecting payment from members.
The respective heads:
  • Research Head: should have general knowledge of astronomy facts and theory, be able to conduct presentations, write booklets, and be familiar with stargazing.
  • Logistics Heads (2 posts): should have past experience in handling telescopes, be familiar with stargazing. Having general knowledge of astronomy is useful too.
  • Publicity Head: creative and artistic, be able to use photoshop or any equivalent softwares, comfortable with rudimentary web design, is usually tasked to design posters and banners for various events.
So technically the administrative side is just like that of any other CCA?
Yes and no. As an exco member of NUSAS, you will eventually pick up stargazing tips as well as learn how to handle a telescope. There will be sessions/meetings for excos only to allow sufficient time and practice for observation. In addition, astronomy-based modules in NUS usually have a stargazing component that requires manpower and equipment from NUSAS, we do hope that by 1 semester, all exco members will be considered qualified to help out in this aspect. You will be compensated for the time spent according to the standard TA rate, courtesy of NUS of course!
Can I run for a sub-comm instead?
Sure! Our sub-comm positions are open to members who are not as prepared to join us as excos, but would still like to experience what organizing astronomy events is like! We have 2 sub-comm positions available:
  • The AstroChallenge sub-committee, with either logistics or quizmaster positions available. For the former, familiarity with running events is expected, and you would be involved in miscellaneous tasks like procuring sponsorships, ordering prize items, printing posters and banners, calling up schools, etc. For the latter, knowledge of astronomy and astrophysics is required, as you would be coming up with questions for the competition.
  • The AstroBash sub-committee will be tasked with assisting the AstroBash Project Director and Treasurers in publicity, payment collection, and logistics during the event. Of course, this means you will need to be present during the 2 AstroBashes!
Pro-tip: Sub-comm members get to enter the Campus Housing recommendation list by NUSAS President (Category A – Tier 5(i))! Recommendation is based on your contribution up to the point of recommendation submission i.e. AstroChallenge quizmasters should have finished his/her quota of questions at that point (subject to QuizMaster Head’s approval), AstroChallenge logistics sub-comm’s contribution will be considered on a case-by-case basis, AstroBash sub-comm should have attended December AstroBash, and has pledged (paid) for his/her May AstroBash’s attendance.
Clear Skies!
NUS Astronomical Society

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