Recruitment for 2013 AstroChallenge

Hello Astro-enthusiasts!!

The AstroChallenge subcommittee is looking for interested volunteers for the 2013 Astrochallenge!  We are looking for anyone whom has interest in Astronomy and wish to contribute to organising this major event. While a background/knowledge in Astronomy is definitely a plus, it is not a requirement to help out in this event.

We are looking for volunteers for the following roles:
  • Question Masters (QMs)
  • Business Managers
  • Logistics Heads
In addition, we are also looking for associates who will help us co-ordinate this with NTU Astronomy Society. So, if you’re interested in contributing to AstroChallenge 2013 – be it to go deeper and learn more, to make new friends and get to know other passionate Astronomers or just want to have fun in Astro, join us now!
You can contact either Kevin or Isabella for any further details and clarification.
Thank you!
Kevin and Isabella
Head QMs, Astrochallenge 2013

Mid-Autumn Session

Hi Astro-enthusiasts!!

Thank you for your wonderful support during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Welcome Tea.

For our next meeting, we will go to East Coast Park for our very first overnight stargazing session! With the Mid Autumn Festival just around the corner, we will also be celebrating this event by enjoying mooncakes and playing games under the stars. One-way transportation will be provided from YIH to East Coast Park.

The details are as follows:

Date :   Friday, 21st September (overnight)

Time : 18.30

Assembly Point : YIH in front of Student Service Center. Dinner will not be provided.

Venue : East Coast Park

Want to do something special before recess week starts? Do come and join us! Together, we will have an enjoyable night out! Furthermore, no prior experience in astronomy is required to have fun in this event. So if your friends are interested, feel free to invite them along!

If your are interested, do sign up at by Tuesday 23.59 (18 September 2012). Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to email us or call Yiming. Any updates to this event will be sent via mail, so do check your inbox!

Hope to see you there!

Clear Skies!

NUS Astronomical Society

AGM cum EOGM next Wednesday!

Hi Astro-enthusiasts!
Hope you guys had fun at our Welcome Tea. Next up we have the Annual General Meeting (AGM) lined-up for you. This will be the first session where you will be exercising your member’s rights. We will be electing our 15th Executive Committee and your VOTE is what counts! If you have not signed up for membership during the Welcome Tea, you can do so during this session as well.
In addition, we are also calling for an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM) to discuss the following:
  • Amendment to the Society’s Constitution
  • Purchase of a new telescope
Lastly, we will be having registration for various sub-committees that will help carry out activities through out the year. Please be there if you are interested in signing up! Our AGM will be on Wednesday Week 4, 5th of September at 7 PM, at E1-06-16 in Engineering. A map has been attached for your convenience. If you need directions to the venue on the day itself, please call Sethu.
We hope to see you there!
Clear Skies,
NUS Astronomical Society