Our Next Session on Week 10: An Introduction to Astrobiology

Update: To clarify, we discovered an error in the original post. E5-03-23 is NOT on the same level as the Engine Bridge. Instead, it is located 1 level above the top of the Engine Bridge. Apologies for the error!

Hello Astronomers!

Thank you for joining our introductory session to astronomy. We hope you enjoyed our first session on campus with us!This week, we will be going through the basics of Astrobiology. For starters, we will have a short talk that will cover the major developments in this field. We will then have an observation session on the Engine Bridge, if the weather permits.The details are as follows:
Date : 25/10/12 (Thursday)
Time : 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Venue  : E5 -03 – 23

E5 is the building located next to the Engine Bridge and the Computer Center. It may be accessed via the Computer Center Bus Stop with shuttle buses A2, B and D1. Level 3 is on the same level as the Engine Bridge.

For directions on the day itself, please call Yiming. Alternatively, should you have any queries beforehand, you may email us via our contact form.

Hope to see you there!

Clear skies!
NUS Astronomy Society

Astrobash 2012

Note : Updated to include changes in our Hotel

Hi, Astronomy Enthusiasts!

A new semester means that we are going to a new place outside Singapore to stargaze! Astrobash is back!
This time NUSAS opens registration to a 3D2N return trip to A’Famosa Resort Hotel in Melaka, Malaysia during the holidays from 14th December to 16th December 2012!
Melaka is listed as a historical city center. It is well-known for its heritage center and local Malay delicacies.
A’Famosa Resort Hotel is located approximately 30 km away from the Melaka city center which makes this resort a good place to stargaze.
We follow the free and easy style and provide chalet, two-way transport and travel insurance. We provide two types of chalet :
1. Standard room (4 pax/room)
Member / Ex-Astrobasher : S$160
Nonmember                      : S$170
2. Deluxe room (2 pax/room)
Member / Ex-Astrobasher : S$225

Nonmember                      : S$235

We will observe star clusters that are very difficult to be observed in Singapore’s sky. If the sky is good enough, we hope that we will be able to see Geminids meteor shower.
To maximize your trip in Melaka, we are planning to go to the city center on the second day, 15th December 2012. However, the expenses is exclusive from Astrobash registration price.
Refund policy: we do not issue refund once the payment is made. 
If you are interested, please register at http://tinyurl.com/astrobash30
Places are limited! Should you have any query, you may contact Veena or email to nusastro@gmail.com.

Clear skies,
NUS Astronomical Society

Week 8: Session 2

Hello Astronomers!

Thank you for joining us for our observation session at East Coast Park!

This week we will be having a session titled, Introduction to Astronomy! During this session, we will start off with a short talk and a few games that will help you familiarize yourselves to the basics of astronomy. Later on, we will top it off with a stargazing session in campus on the Engine Bridge. So do come down and join us!

Here are the details of our session:

Date : 12/10/12 (Friday)
Time : 7:00 pm
Venue  : E1-06-11 (Faculty of Engineering)

Do feel free to call Yiming if you cannot find your way. Hope to see you there!

Clear skies!
NUS Astronomy Society