First Session of 2013

Hello Astronomers!

Chinese New Year is coming!
Our very first session this year will celebrate this occasion by having Yusheng together, as well as laying out our plans for the year ahead. This will include our proposed constitutional changes, as well as details on our upcoming sessions.

Climatologically speaking, January and February are marked by generally clear skies. Thus, we will be planning for a stargazing session too, which should hopefully allow us to sample some of the wonders in the night sky! Don’t worry if it is your first time attending our observation sessions, for astronomy is for everyone! So if your friends are interested, feel free to invite them along!

The details are as follows:

Date: Friday, 8th February

Time: 1900-2100

Venue: E3 06-15

For directions on the day itself, please call Yiming. Alternatively, you may email us should you have any queries beforehand.

For further updates, do check out our website at and our facebook group! Hope to see you there!

Clear skies!
NUS Astronomical Society

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