Membership, Exco Elections & the month ahead!

Hello Astronomers!

Other than our Welcome Tea, we will also be having an AGM on 30/8 to hold fresh elections for the exco as well as to approve amendments to the constitution. This email is meant to give some details of what exactly is going to happen over the next few weeks.

Firstly, we will be holding elections for the following positions:

-Secretary/Assistant Secretary
-Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer
-Research Head
-Logistics Head
-Publicity Head

If you are interested in these positions, please do the following

  1. Fill up a short application form here,
  2. AND sign up for an interview slot at here,

    The deadline for 1 & 2 is 19/8 (Monday), 23:59, so mark your calendar! These short interviews (15-20 mins) are meant for you to ask questions, as well as to let us get to know you better. Late submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  3. AND attempt challenge(s) that will be assigned to each position (NEW!)

    In order to help candidates understand the roles done by each position, we will be assigning challenges to all candidates running for the positions above. The exact details of these challenges will be released during the Welcome Tea, and will be uploaded to our website shortly after.

A friendly reminder: Only members can run for the exco! Our membership fee is $10 annually, or $25 for a 4 year subscription. Not only do members get a free T-shirt, they also enjoy discounts for our overseas trips and much more!

Also, we will also be updating the constitution during the AGM. A copy of the proposed amendments will be uploaded to our Facebook group before the Welcome Tea, so do go there for the details!

Interested in knowing more? Want to be a member? Come down to our Welcome Tea this coming Friday! It will be held on 1915 at LT 24, so hope to see you there!

PS: Due to some urgent matters, Mr Remus will be unable to attend our Welcome Tea. However, the Welcome Tea will proceed as planned!

Clear skies!
NUS Astronomical Society

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