All the best for Finals everybody

Fun fact of the day:

“The Pleiades have special significance for NUS students. When they finally rise at sunset, the Sem 1 finals are imminent. They thus serve as a sign from the heavens that You Are So Screwed.(YASS)”  -Lim Kia Yee, NUSAS Presidential Adviser



Say hi to Pleiades

image credits: NASA

Oh no. The dreaded Finals are coming. Time to beg the heavens for mercy (ti gong po pi).

But of course, jokes aside, do remember that there is much more to life then grades. The Universe itself is a reminder of how insignificant and temporal our earthly lives and problems are. YOLO, so live a good one. Live to experience, live to learn, and live to love. Live to be happy. Have a good day ahead.

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