NUSAS NUSPS Joint Photography Session

Hi Astronomers! If you are keen to learn some photography skills why not come down to a joint photography learning session conducted by NUS Astronomical Society and by NUS Photography Society.
If you are curious about NUSPS, check them out at:

Details on the session are as follows:
11AM – 1PM
4PM – 7PM
More information is available on the attached poster.

Please be informed that both sessions are only open to members of either societies. If you are interested to join NUS Astronomical Society, feel free to contact us at

Tired of missing our emails? No sweat! The 20th NUSAS Exco has created a telegram channel as another means to reach out to the astronomy society. We promise the channel will provide you with the latest information on all our sessions/astrobash/astrochallenge. Simply click this link: and then click “join channel”.

In the near future, we envision using telegram as the main mode of disseminating the latest information on our sessions. However if email updates are more convenient for you please do let us know at

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