Astronomy Filled June


Dear friends of NUSAS

We are approaching an event filled month of June, this update includes all relevant information should you be keen to join us at any of our events!

1. AstroChallenge 2018 1st – 9th June
AstroChallenge is the largest Astronomy-based competition in Singapore organised by NUSAS and NTUAS.Inaugurated in 2002, AstroChallenge aims to broaden student interest and knowledge in astronomy; and to strengthen inter-school ties through their common interests. Students will tackle rigorous questions covering both theoretical and practical astronomy.

2. Astronomy Crash Course Series, 1st June 2018
The Crash Course is a series of three lectures that will serve as a lead in to AstroChallenge 2018. The topics of the lectures include Cosmology, the Scientific Process in Astronomy and the Lifecycle of Stars.
Abstracts for the talks can be found here
The talks are open to all, you may register here:
If you choose to come with friends/astrosoc, do indicate on the google form.

3. AstroChallenge 2018 Exposure Event
NUS and NTU students are invited to join us in judging the AstroChallenge 2018 project round. In this round, participants are tasked to create a video to explain an Astronomy concept in ELI5 terms (explain like I am 5). We will be ordering pizza for lunch! (First come first serve basis only). Register your interest here:

4. Stargazing @ White Sands + More 16th-30th June
This White Sands (the Shopping Mall) is collaborating with NUSAS to organise an Astronomy-themed family event! Drop by to check out the many events they have planned!
NUSAS exco members will be sharing on various Astronomy topics at Pasir Ris Public Library on 16th and 23rd June.
There will also be stargazing sessions on 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th and 30th June, if you would like to interact with the NUSAS exco, we will be there on 16th and 23rd June (again)
More information is available here:

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