President’s Foreword

You never forget your first time.

Many of us look to the sky and are unaware of what we see. I, like many of you, often wonder what I am actually looking at. What are the nebulae, galaxies and comets we so often hear about but never see. The moons and rings of planets we know of but have never actually observed. Well, wonder no more.

NUS Astronomical Society aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to see what the universe actually has to offer. From the simplest of stars to the greatest of galaxies, we want to provide everybody with the experience of seeing these marvellous celestial objects first hand. Whether you have knowledge of astronomy or not, the feeling you get whenever you look through a telescope never gets old. As every time we behold the greatness of The World of the platinum stars, it is as if time has stopped. And for those who want to have something to remember, taking a picture is only a click away.

I remember when I first peered through a telescope and looked at Saturn. After having seen online photos taken by probes, I expected to be underwhelmed by what I will see. Now after hundreds of times looking at this ringed ball of gas, I always find myself amazed every single time. But after all this time, I still remember the very first time i set my eyes on this beautiful sphere. Because what they say is true.

You never forget your first time.

Brian Arcillas
21st NUSAS Executive Committee

(Updated 16th September 2018)