Become A Member of NUSAS

Benefits & Privileges

Being a Member of NUSAS gives you many benefits and privileges as follows:

  1. Membership is for the rest of your candidature in NUS. There is no need to renew.
  2. Discounts for AstroBash, our biannual overseas stargazing trips.
  3. Priority in registering for NUSAS events such as observatory sessions, regular sessions, and AstroBash.
  4. You can loan NUSAS equipment e.g. telescopes, binoculars. Email us if you are interested!

After graduating, you become an Associate Member, which grants you the same privileges except that Associate Members are not allowed to run for executive committee positions.

Join Us!

Only current NUS students are eligible for membership. Please fill in this online form if you wish to become a member of NUS Astronomical Society.

A one-off membership fee of $15 will be levied. This fee helps fund NUSAS events as well as NUSAS’ purchases for astronomy equipment.

NB: NUS Astronomical Society reserves the right to change the benefits and privileges of membership at any time without prior notice.