Astronomy Groups in Singapore

  1. Singastro
    Singastro is a free community where astronomy amateurs come together and discuss astronomy-related topics. They also hold frequent observation sessions that are free for the public to join.
  2. McGill Commercial House
    A quality telescope/binocular dealer in Singapore for William Optics, Sky-Watcher, Vixen, Fujinon and an importer of Russian professional telescopes
  3. The Astronomical Society of Singapore
    TASOS is the largest astronomical organisation in Singapore with over 200 members plus affiliation with a dozen of schools and institutions all over the country.

Other links

  1. Astromart
    World’s largest Astronomy Classifieds. Telescopes, mounts, eyepieces, filters, telescope making and more.
    Contains almanac of current sky happenings, calendar of star parties, directories of planetariums and clubs, guides to buying telescopes and binoculars, reviews of telescopes, beginner’s guides, lists of astronomical vendors, articles from ASTRONOMY Magazine, and an index of recent issues.
  3. Earthstar Continuum
    A webpage done by fellow NUSAS member Lin. Information on cameras, dark skies, expeditions and YMCK.
  4. MNS Selangor Astronomy Group Online
    The Astronomy Interest Group studies all of nature beyond the realm of our home planet Earth. The skills learnt and mastered can be applied to safeguard nature on our own planet.
  5. SETI@home
    SETI@home is an innovative screensaver program that will combine the power of the internet with the computing power of hundreds of thousands of home and office computers around the world to help the search for radio signals from an extraterrestrial civilization.
  6. Sky and Telescope Online
    The online version of the popular Sky and Telescope Magazine.
  7. STScI/HST Public Information
    Links to information regarding the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (ST ScI).
  8. Amateur Astronomy Magazine
    A magazine for active amateur astronomers.
  9. Universe Today
    Space exploration news brought to you from around the Internet, updated every weekday.
  10. Astronomy Guide for 2020
    A collection of resources for beginners to Astronomy.