Catch NUSAS at SLF 2020 😉

Find out more about us during the NUS online Student Life Fair (SLF) from 12 to 14 Aug 2020! Here is a brief overview of our scheduled talks, to be held via Zoom (you will need your NUS email).⁠⁠⁠ The respective Zoom links will be posted on this blog by 10am on the day of the talk!

Observational Highlights on Friday, 6th March 2020

Hello, Astronomers!

Today, we’ll be having another talk on Observational Highlights—do come down and find out what’s new in the spring sky, as winter objects begin to set and summer celestial objects rise—a unique juxtaposition. Session will be held at YIH Training Room 2 @ 7pm. Temperature-taking and contact tracing will be conducted in light of the COVID-19 situation. See you at our talk today!

Clear skies!

What are star clusters? A talk on Friday, 21st February 2020

Hello, Astronomers!

This week, we’ll be looking at star clusters, and why they are amongst the jewels of our night skies.

Come down, and find out what open and globular clusters are, and what makes Omega Centauri so special. We’ll also be discussing how stars evolve and interact within clusters, and as always, there’s an observation session afterwards! See you tomorrow, at YIH Training Room 2, 7 pm!

Furthermore, in light of the advisory earlier this evening from the Office of the Provost, we will be conducting a meeting tomorrow during session. This will be to decide future conducts of NUSAS sessions. 

Do come down and let us know what you think, and how we should manage the situation of COVID-19. The 2-metre rule will be enforced during the meeting as well.

See you there!

đŸ˜”đŸ’€đŸ‘» What happens after stars die? Join us on 14th February 2020

Hello, Astronomers!

This week, our topic will be Dead Stars: what occupies the graveyards of the night sky? Find out why weird things like black holes, magnetars and novae are much more eerie than any haunted house you might visit, and how they got there in the first place! The session will be conducted at the YIH Training Room 2, at 7 pm this Friday!

See you there, and clear skies!

How do stars begin and spend their lifetimes? Find out with us on 7th February 2020!

Hello, Astronomers!

Our next session tomorrow (Friday, 7th Feb) will discuss how stars—those tiny points of light in the night sky, and the bright one you see every day—form and evolve over their lifetimes! Come down and find out what a supernova is, what a hypernova is, and what might happen to the Earth, five billion years from now. Some stars end with a bang, and others with a little poof, and we will discover why, tomorrow.

The session will be conducted in the YIH Training Room 2, at 7pm; we hope to see you there!

Clear skies!

Observational Highlights on Friday, 31st January 2020



Hello, Astronomers!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s talk on eclipses. This week, we will discuss Observational Highlights! The Winter Sky is bright, and chock-full of wondrous celestial objects, from the busy and wonderful Orion constellation and its many nebulae, thence to the Winter Triangle, and an exploration of the night sky at this time of year!Come down and learn what a DSO is, and how we can see them, even in a dense city like Singapore! We look forward to meeting you all this Friday, at S17 Seminar Room 5 (S17-0511), at 7 pm!

Clear skies!

AstroBash 43 Registration is Now Open!

Hi Astronomers,

Registration for AstroBash XLIII is now open! After this semester, we’ll be heading to Port Dickson, Malaysia, to have a relaxing time stargazing, shopping, and kite-flying! (◡‿◡✿)

The details are as follows: 

Date: 10 December 2018 (Mon) – 13 December 2018 (Thurs)

Venue: Port Dickson, Malaysia


  • $290 for members
  • $310 for non-members
  • $10 discount per pax for groups of 4 ($280 per member/$300 per non-member)

Prices are inclusive of 3 nights of accommodation, room taxes and surcharges, insurance, kites, and 2-way transport to Port Dickson.

Night sky observatory and stargazing by the beach
 Heavenly sights like the Geminids meteor shower and Orion Nebula await!

There are limited places so do sign up early! The deadline is 22 Nov 2018. You can sign up at this link:

Clear skies,

NUS Astronomical Society

NUSAS Astrophotography Workshop 2018

Hi Astronomers,

Have you ever wanted to learn how to take breathtaking photographs of universe that surrounds us? If your answer is yes, come join us in our Astrophotography Workshop on Friday, 28 Sept, 4pm at Paris Room located at level 3 of YIH and learn tips and tricks on how to take perfect shots of stars and galaxies.

Whether you are still new in your journey in astrophotography or wanting to further develop your skills in it, we will provide training for you and help you improve your skills to the next level!

Sign up link is here:

Do follow us on our Instagram page at for more updates! Should you have any queries about the event, feel free to contact us at

NUSAS Mid Autumn Festival Celebration @MPF

Hi Astronomers,

Come join us in our Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration on Friday, 14 Sept, 8pm at Multi-purpose Field near FoS and be amazed by the Moon’s wonder and ancient mythology the festival stems from. We will have quizzes about the festival and the moon itself, and also prizes for you if you get it right!

Wait no more, seize this opportunity to mingle around with like-minded people under the moonlight! See you there!

Please also check the updates on our telegram channel in undesirable weather condition. Should you have any queries about the event, feel free to contact us at

NUSAS 21st Exco

Annual General Meeting 2018 and Exco Elections

Hello all, NUS Astronomical Society Annual General Meeting 2018 is the next on the agenda! The elections for the next NUSAS Exco will also be held during the AGM.

We extend this invitation to all members of NUSAS to join us @S16-04-30 on 3rd September 7pm to elect your the next Exco and get the first peak on the direction they will be taking NUSAS in the coming year.

Pizza will be ordered for refreshments.

If you are interested to join NUSAS exco, please register your interest here:

Sign ups will close on Wednesday 29 August.

If you have any queries you can email us at